Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another realisation on my style of writing.

அடக் கடவுளே!  I was reading my other posts in my blog and 3 of my 11 posts are timeline posts. It looks like "My style of writing". And the pattern repeats when the posts are made in a long duration. No wonder it's timeline. So I realise, I should make cautious effort to make enough entries at regular intervals so my posts don't become a timeline one.

Journey of my life from January 2009 to January 2015

Its a medical miracle. My hippo-campus suddenly activated. I started remembering things. OMG. I had a blog named "4 the like people". OMG I made 11 posts in a year's term, one post per month on an average.

And what happened after? I (wish it was a real one) was hit by a "lot more things important than blogging" truck and slipped into a block-blogging coma, for 7 years. Its a medical miracle. My hippo-campus suddenly activated. I remember things. OMG I revisited my blog. OMG Its still alive. I'm able to log in to my blog. I am actually typing in it. Thank you blogspot. Huge thanks to you.

So, what next? 7 years story simplified in 7 lines

2009: Pregnancy, Broke from work, Delivered a beautiful baby boy after a 5 years ordeal.
2010: Amma left heavenly abode; Lil' sis delivered a beautiful baby girl.
2011: Stayed at home as a Mother of a 2 yr old toddler. Greater realisation on relationships occurred.
2012: Experimented as a marketing consultant to gain momentum. 100% fruitful experience. Another beautiful baby girl to the Palat family by Lil' sis.
2013: A nearly an year passed working as a VP marketing for a prestigious new wave tech firm.
2014: Nested a business idea for 6 months; experimented for another 9 months. Red Carded once.
2015: Ban Lifted, Inaugurated a marketing consulting firm, backed by family. On my toes to accomplish as a successful entrepreneur.

OMG those things, they ain't any less important to get keyed on. May be I felt no actual readers, so why waste time? Is that so? NO. I DON'T WRITE FOR OTHERS. I just feel happy if its read. May be I wish to key in or share things that are less affecting me personally. MAY BE., YES. And when lot of things hit you one after the other, hitting you so hard that your every muscle moves either to confront or to seek comfort human brain's hippo-campus deactivate certain things to help you focus on a very basic thing, SURVIVAL; TO SURVIVE THE SITUATIONS. AND YES THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED. Its a medical miracle you know.

So, why now and why not? Why now- for the obvious reason my hippo-campus activated. I remember showing one of my blog entries by 2013 to my then boss and it effaced my memory- that I had a blog. Never once occurred me to think about it. And why not -Though not a day after day social bee, always had been able to read, write, link, like, share, tweet on social network. Almost doing it thrice a week (seeking comfort you see). But Never occurred once to revisit, less to say to remember about this space. It just occurred to me, only now and  I am willing and making an effort to make use of this space, both for personal and professional use, by placing my thoughts on mundane to mandatory happenings in life.

Ok. More told, what now?, Happy to be back on feet; Happy to be on a leading front; Blessed to be a mother of a well disciplined, obedient, not so fussy, but not willing to study, exploring 5 years old lil' adult. Needless to say he is such a loving, caring and sharing personality so far.

And what am I willing to say through this post?, that "I am back". No way, I am saying that. Cause you will see me doing that. Until my next post, I give a wake up call to all my sleepy, weepy, creepy fellow bloggers who were active bloggers once and forgot blogging since. Remember always; ONCE A BLOGGER, ALWAYS A BLOGGER. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"A" for Lots of things!!!

Laksh tagged me to register my earliest memory once before some 4 months. I couldn’t do it by then or now but it is still on cards. And this Tag really dint make me work as much it did to the previous one – TO THINK basically, I happily started doing it.

A – The first letter of the Alphabet, The first letter I started identifying anywhere it is written when I was 3. My mom was so proud of me by then having great hopes on me.

Apple – One of the fruit I can’t eat willingly. I don’t like apples…Mummy pls…
Amma – An amazing mommy, who has always been and continues to be loving, caring, protecting, mentoring, shaping, shouting, scolding, beating (yes even now she beats me with a scale you know) but a selfless personality who just lives for the entire family; her maternal family, her own family, her husband’s family. Maa – is that not too much? I always wondered the endurance she had in all her tough times of life and how she could continue to be the same even after her 60 years??? She is so loved by my daddy that he used to write about her as his only strength in his diary. Sorry amma I don't have your pic on my system... another great realization!!!
Adaptability – One of my personal traits which I myself feel amazed at. I do not know how I got this ability. You throw her to a dump she’ll live and know how to sprout from it – Is what my daddy feels about me and I feel the same.
Aavakkai pickle – Yummy. I can just eat anything edible by humans to be specific vegetarians (not but apple) with this or just eat only the Pickle. It is one of the major factors for my High Blood Pressure. But still I am unable to avoid it.
Ammi and Aattukkal – The old age manual grinders with two different motions. Aattukkal – rotating clockwise and anticlockwise; Ammikkal - back and forth with the pestle. The food made using them will be sinfully tasteful. Let that be a simple “coconut chutney” or “Uzhundu Vadai” – The stones will render a special extra taste to the food, when compared with the machine made food items. I am nagging G every now and then to have one on my one, apartment life style and its own constraints. Sigh.

Ammikkal and Kuzhavi – The Grinding stone and rolling pestle.
Ambal – The Bhuvaneswari Ambal of my hometown and the Bhuvaneswari Amman Temple. Friday temple visits; Yearly Homam; Kumbabhishekam; Paarayanam; Vilakku Pooja; Light music; what not… Those days have become treasured memories now. I now realize how far I have traveled from those days of my beliefs and practices. It seems to be way too distant.
Ambulimaama – No, not the moon; The Amarchitrakatha publication which would come in Tamil. The Vikramaadithan Kadhaigal and the short stories which will take you to a whole new world and make you believe that world still exists. The illustrations made; colours used will all be a retreat to your eyes and these books increased my appetite of reading (storybooks) those days.
Age – Think what it can do to you!!! Its ability to transform a personality; the maturity it gives; and how everything in life changes all over when you really age. A big factor for the changes in the voyage of life isn’t?
Images Courtesy : Google Images.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wedding Day- Its just another day of your wedded life Is it (not)so?

Thursday July 3rd of 2008. 7:30 p.m IST
I became restless what to do about it? How to do that? When to plan?
Clueless about what I was blabbering? Ok. The dawn next day would see me on the completion of 4th year of my wedding to Mr.G. So I became too excited about celebrating our 4th anniversary. I wanted to finish the tasks of the day really quick. I wrapped it up by 8.15 p.m and all set to go.
8.30 p.m, same day.
I went to collect my new salwar kameez from the tailor, took it from them and drove back home tardily while I was totally engrossed in the memories of my married life so far. It was drizzling. So was my memories about our meeting; our early days of love affair; the socio-cultural indifference we had; our silly fights; our long heated arguments; the pain we both shared when we decided to part as friends; the whole night telephonic conversations; the emotional bond which brought us back; the way we declared our parents; how matured they dealt with the situation without hurting anyone; and how we became wed locked on the same day 4 years back. The 40 min travel looked like I’ve traveled around the whole world. Yes the world of mine.
9.15 p.m not necessary to say the same day.
I booked a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses with just 2 red roses in the centre of the bunch. I’ve asked the florist to deliver it to my friend who lives in the second floor in my apartment, so that I can collect it later to surprise G.
I went to a factory outlet of Van-Huesen nearby and selected 2 pants in dark grey and crème shades; a silk shirt in light grey colour; two T-shirts of Pepe Jeans. When I reached out my purse to pay…Alas, I left my debit card with him for some or other reason. Needless to say that I dint have hard cash or a credit card to pay such a big bill. The only way left was to call my husband, to bring my card. (I dint think to call my friend or my brother-in-laws coz I dint remind any of’ em, that it would be my anniversary, the next day). To my amazement he came hurriedly thinking I’m in trouble but not having a clue of why was I at a gent’s fabric store. (Coz I dint tell him anything apart from that I needed money and where I was). My husband – so ‘No Wonder’.
When I told him I’ve selected some clothes for him he raised his eyebrows and dared to ask what the occasion was. Should I tell you that I felt like killing myself? After letting his soul to know about the wedding and the importance of anniversary, he managed to tell that it was not effaced from his memory but its just that he dint realize it was July 3rd. Guys, and their own ways of tackling situations! I was happy in a way that it also gave me an opportunity to gift him something which he also tried and felt. He complained that I was egoistic not to remind him about it, and only because of that he was unable to plan for anything. After so many times of his confessing, I accepted to take a kurta of my liking and his choice. (But – yes it looked good on me… Okay. I looked good on it). At last we both returned home gleefully with the bags.
10.45 p.m
I cat-walked before him with all the newly stitched dresses obligating his mind to say I look good on them. I pulled up a plan of having lunch at “The Crown- Residency Towers”. Everything accepted and I went upstairs to collect the bouquet from my friend by 11. 30 when he went to fill water in the jug. By the time I was about to hide it to surprise him by 12 mid-night with the bouquet, the suspense was out because he saw me hiding it behind the couch. I also felt very sleepy and wished him a happy anniversary, tucked myself in bed felt asleep with a great hope of waking up on a great day.
Friday 4th July 2008. 6.30 a.m
I woke up by 6.30 a.m without the help of an alarm or a cockcrow. G was sleeping like a child as usual. Kissing him with another wish I started to make coffee on a dilemma whether to work or to be off. Finally I made my mind, called my boss and told him that I’d be taking a day off. Leave granted. I Switched on the TV and plunged into the couch on a relaxing mode. Settled at Sony Max to watch “So Close”. G woke up by 9 a.m in a haste to tell me he had to open his office, for his staff who usually opens the office was on off.
I let him go reminding of the previous plans we made. He nodded and left by 9.40 a.m.
10.45 a.m: Mobile rang; I was informed that the machines were down he was fixing the problem. He’ll return soon.
11.20 a.m: Mobile rang; I was informed he had to do the installation as well. He’ll return soon.
12.55 p.m: I gave up the hope of going out for lunch. So I started cleaning the Kitchen. (If you’d have thought I did that to prepare for lunch – I am sorry you’re wrong.)
1:30 p.m: Mobile rang; I already knew what it would be conveyed. So I picked the call without much expectation. Hundred times of apologies for being not able to return home half way through the installation from his end.
3.10 p.m:
I was asked what was there for lunch. I replied I started cleaning the entire home, and the phone was banged.
4.00 p.m: When I picked the call, I stormed him with thousands of words of dismay and rage to find him at the door after few minutes, leaving the installation as such, with a parcel of biryani. Meanwhile my friends who remembered my wedding day started calling and wished me. So my mood was lit up.
5.00 p.m: So what? Fights; fights and fights for an hour, complaints and compromises, we both were really tired.
6.00 p.m: I was on my new clothes, with a hair-do of my college days. So was he in his new pants and T-shirt, promising to take me out. He stopped at a Titan Show room –Pondy Bazaar. He got me a beautiful, elegant looking watch of my style. I selected an eye gear for him from fast track; he was looking dashing on it. After which we went to my Mom-In-Laws home, took blessings from the elders, I was offered money by my FIL. I happily took it, parted on a happy note and returned home, where I made dosa and tomato chutney for dinner.

This is the end of “the great 4th wedding anniversary of D.G” :

But We had a hearty conversation, and G was all apologising that he screwed up my plans and pacified me that mere gifts and grandeurs do not only glorify the occasion. It is the love - beyond any expectation which makes our lives better. How true?

So I'm telling you this, it is not that I forgot to tell you this .... I just dont want to make you know that 'I love you beyond anything and everything and that is why I call you 'Mom'.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A reverse gear for the past months

Ok… After April 2nd 2008, I dint care to post anything in my blog. Why? Was that I became too busy? Well. Not exactly. Was there nothing important or weird or funny happened to write upon? No. Not really. But Why is because I was too lazy to jot on things which made me happy, feel sad, put me to cry.

Just to keep myself reminded of certain things happened all these months; I am listing down what important things happened during all these months

April: Something very bad happened personally, but all for good. Set out on a trip to Kerala to attend my sister R’s house warming, as well as to visit the new born. Aashitha is amazingly beautiful. She was all smiling at her 3 months to see this Valiyamma and was happily clinging on to G’s shoulders. I really had a good time spending time with Aashish and Aashitha.

May: On the very first day of the month, I and G were at Vaitheeswaran Koil. We both were stumped by the chiseling art of the Naadi Josiyar there within the Devaswom Complex. We not only felt deceived but also defeated. But the trip to Naganathaswamy Temple at Thirunageswaram and Mullaivanathamman Koil at Thirukarukkaavoor made us flippant and we started enjoying the heavenly bliss. Beautiful Amman I’ve ever seen. I’d love to visit time and again to the temple. My heart was filled with peace as if I am surrounded by all the goodness in the world. Strange feel though.

Something good to the core happened on the professional front. I was in seventh heaven with what all I’ve got. I thanked God for all his blessings and G for his tremendous support.

June: Had been a month of crucial happenings. Daddy was operated for Hernia. I saw him shaken on the day of his surgery and was unable to see him mildly groaning because of the pain after surgery. But as usual, he got back with vim and vigour to the ward from the Intensive care the very next day. That’s Daddy.

“Shankara Valiyacha” my achayammas husband left to heavenly abode at his age of 70. I felt very sad and very bad. I loved him for his soft spoken nature, his helping tendency, his charming smile, his love for gardening, his care for his plants, his meticulousness to do things perfectly, and above all his unconditional love for his family. Love you Valiyacha. You are definitely “A Hero” and will remain as the same in my heart and thought forever.

So New Place; New people; New dress; New ID; Lots of new-new things. I am happily enjoying my work.

OK... now what triggered my impulse to post something is “Dasavatharam”

I am not a hard core Kamal Fan. I am neither a movie buff. I’d love to watch selected movies on theatres only for the quality you get to feel of watching it in a big screen. G being a reluctant person when it comes to theatres, or even movies, agreed to take me because of my constant kvetching that he doesn’t care to take me out to watch movies. With so much anticipation caused by the reviews and the hype about the movie, I prepared to watch the movie. But all my expectations were turned off after the sequence took flight to the bio lab in America. Apart from the presence of Kamal nothing seems to be fulfilled in the movie. I was sunk into the movie “Anbe Shivam” so much so fully for at least 2 weeks after I watched it. I loved to have the high resolution DVD of “Thevar Magan” for my favourite movies collection. I even now can sit and watch the whole Michael Madana Kamarajan from start to end inspite of watching it for more than 20 times in all these years.

The algorithmic approach of Kamal to kill the deadly virus shown in the movie looks like anyone can guess the sequence of the movie. A small kid sitting next to me of age 11 started telling what happens next in the movie nettled me for such a poor screenplay(he said he was watching the movie for the first time. - “Kadavuley”). The only relief was the few twists the movie had with the “Poovaragan Character”; the tall Kalifullah Character (I liked him for his innocence and I have this feel because of him 200 lives are saved); the bronze Perumal ; which slid from Asin’s hand and landed in a perfect posture (I got goose bumps watching the Perumal doing it). The narration of the story in Kamals voice and his unflawed pronunciation deserves a special mention.

The only element in the movie which gave me a satisfaction that it worth my time and money was, “the 12th century sequel”, the portrayal of Kamal as G.Bush and the black stone Ranganathar. Apart from that I had an empty feel about the movie. But one should definitely applaud Kamal for the pain and efforts he took to be in 10 different characters. No other actor in the world would have dared it even in their dreams. He benchmarked it. But again it looked like he took all the efforts only to pacify the craving artist within himself to outperform. For normal movie goers there wasn't any surprise to be bowled out.

It gave me a sense of pride to look at K.S.Ravikumar for his vision and verve to take this kind of risk. And I salute Aascar Movies for investing such a huge amount to take one of its kinds - Tamil cinema to the entire movie world.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am not an April fool :)) or :(

I still remember my good old, school and college days where we were fooled and made fun on this much awaited April Fool's day. Lot of preparations to sprinkle ink on each others shirts inspite of several warnings from Amma and Daddy; Sqeezing juices from cashew fruit and filling in the ink pens; Carving potatoes with some shape and getting it inked; Whoof so much hardwork but not doing the homework. Since I am born and raised in a typical joint family, I had so many cousins to back me up in this regard. If in case my uniform gets stained, I always had my Chechis to help me how to get rid of the stains before Amma came from School or atleast before she noticed it. And if you circumvent all the tries of your classmates, neighbours, tuitionmates, oh yeah thats what I call feeling 'triumphant'

Later on my early employment days April fools day had become just pranks playing day. But that was also fun to some extent. But when you grow up in the corporate ladder, it had become so typical stringent professional behaviour, that I couldn't see someone to fool me or do antics. I started from home to office yesterday with some beam of hope, that I'd get fooled today by any of my collegues and how should I dodge it and all. But what a wonder; my office spoke about unmet deadlines, forecoming targets, quarterly reviews, oh even the cost cutting on print papers. They did not have the least possible symptom of remembering that it was April 1st. Come on guys!. Already life has changed a lot, you can not do anything about it, but pls "Altleast - You can change your attitude". People who thought its unneeded to have fun on April 1st can perceive it as an occasion to amuse someone, and oh ya People like me also can change their attitude not to worry that they were not made a goose.
What you say??

Monday, March 31, 2008

What is my "Identity"?

Sundays became "Sandais"(meaning fights) to me these days. So what happened yesterday was, I and G were talking something on not-so important topics. When it stroke the how life has changed since marriage topic, we somehow got to talk about 'identity'. So was I telling him I'd love to be identified as I am- just the plain I am, whatsoever people call me as, let that be w/o G; or Mom of XYZ etc., He comfortingly smiled at me and exclaimed, " If you do not pronounce yourself as Deepa Gowthaman in the airport, you will not even be allowed to board a plain without any pain darling". You are not identified there for your character, attributes, intellect. Just for the name Deepa followed by Gowthaman. I call upon the attention of our Government - pls do something for this. I dont want to be treated this partially. 'But I know this is reality'!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Am I not a duteous Daughter-In-Law?

The reason why I raised this question, is the consequence of our latest argument. I heard from my Husband that my Sis-In-Law and her 3 yrs old daughter visited my Mom-in-Laws house which is a kilometer and a half distant, from my home. I decided to visit them the same night after my office. While I rendered some chocolates and cookies to the lil'one, we started talking about everyone in the family and the conversation centered on my bro-in-law. We started looking at some marriage proposals for him already. My ever curious betterhalf invited himself to the club to share his thoughts being the eldest in the family. It became a (half the) family sharing (coz, both my bro-in-laws and my FIL were sleeping) from how should the new entrant look to what should we look in her. Qualification, Complexion, Height, Weight, etc.etc., So when it came whether she should be employed or a willing homemaker everyone in the club had a different opinion. I stuck myself telling we should go by how the couple feel about it! My similitudes thought if she is willing to be at home - the better. So when we looked for my husbands opinion, came a shocking ( may be to me alone) statement..."Amma, if you want a duteous daugter-in-law, look for the latter, OR on the other hand if you want a high potential, earning member to the family, then we should put a quality search". There was a quick laughter and the awestricken me started thinking "what does he really mean?" I kept mum until I returned home and threw him the same Q. "Yein appadi sonna" (meaning 'why did he tell so')?. He couldn't immediately connect himself to my question. And having him explained, I asked him how did he differentiate a duteous daughter in law from an employed one. He was really blinking for a while and swore he din't mean anything or it didn't carry any hidden opinions. But I couldn't console myself. How a person without such a hypothesis at the back of their mind, can make such statements. No I and my husband never had an issue of being impious or disobedient to any of both the families. No he doesn't find my behaviour, character to be obnoxious or anything for that matter. But "Why"? What made him tell so...What led him to say" duteous OR employed"- both different entities? Does that not imply an employed woman is not or need not be duteous? If so, being a working woman "Am I not dutiful to my family"?. Is he thinking about me in that way? I am still wondering. Or is that I am thinking too much?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

After all "We are Human Beings Not Human doings"

It happened to me to visit lakshmusings.wordpress.com. few months back. Since then it had become a daily routine to read her blog. She penned in her blog about her latest attempt to do the following list, she was tagged to,

A.List 5-10 things that you have in common with the human race and/or nature.
B. List 5-10 things that you may have in common with the human race and/or nature. That sent an impulse to my central nervous system to seriously think. So here goes my list.

The List of 5-10 things that I have in common with the human race and/or nature.

1. I breathe air, drink water, eat food to live

2. I react to an external stimulus

3. I sneeze if some irritant enters my nostrils

4. I complain a lot many things

5. I Question a lot, but tried not to find resolution for all

My list of 5-10 things that I may have in common with the human race and/or nature.

1. I get upset for petty things.

2. I really would not know to conflict certain things the right way which I feel wrong or not right.

3. I love to be called "beautiful" and "the best".

4. I shrug if I remember something I wanted to be erased from my memory.

5. I like to have hot masala tea on a rainy evening.

6. I have this Monday Morning phobia.

7. I feel pity for the poor for a moment, and I move along the next moment with my life.

8. Oh ya last but not the least... I sing in the bathroom.

You know what, it took nearly 30 minutes to really fill this list and definitely it ushered a big realisation. Apart from the 1st thing I feel as a common thing with the human race i.e breathing air, drinking water and eating food, I was struck for few minutes to really think what I shared common with the human race. But since I feel the same as the other human ( atleast I assumed so) I dint hate myself for being one. Anyways its a nice task which really contibuted something to look at myself. So why don't you think of doing it...

RIP Valiyacha, 'U' Akka and now Raguvaran

Another shock to me this month personally. Last Friday the news of my Kodaikanal Valiyachas demise shook me very badly. He always had been one of my favourite valiyachas, who was very close to my heart. I din't have enough words to console my chechi and the bereaved family.
Yesterday, when I heard about one of my best friends sister passed away, I was literally off for the whole day. I always thought of that akka as a mentor and she is someone who I really liked in her family.
I started to go home from office this evening, came a message to my mobile phone carrying veteran Actor Raghuvarans demise. Some days back I read his interview to The Hindu where he was photographed amazingly clad on his cream suit. Just because I like him as a villain though, I read the whole interview. Normally I won't read sort of interviews.
I feel really bad and I pray for their souls rest in peace. But I would say this month of March 2008 as a mourning month for me... And God pls no more kinda news to me... Pls...